Tonight saw the final of the Fraser Pairs take place between Willie Christie and Phil Anderson against Johnstone Riddell and Mick Broadley. The final went down to the wire. Willie and Phil went into an early 5-0 lead after 4 ends however Johnstone and Mick struck back with a couple of singles then a. 3 and a 4 to lead 9-5. Willie and Phil subsequently scored a 4 themselves to tie the game with 3 ends remaining. Johnstone and Mick then scored another 1 shot with Phil and Willie picking up a 2 on the penultimate end. Willie and Phil were lying 1 shot when Mick played through and picked up the Jack he was unlucky to see the Jack bounce off Johnstone’s back bowl to land about 4 feet away but they were lying 1 with a measure for 2. With his third bowl Phil drew with perfect weight to with 18 inches of the Jack and with one bowl left Mick attempted to draw the winner but with a perfect line he just drew up a couple of feet short and therefore Willie and Phil run out the winners. Congratulation to Willie and Phil and commiserations to Johnstone and Mick.
Below President Arthur Killicoat presents Willie Christie and Phil Anderson with the trophies with Johnstone Riddell and Mick Broadley to his left.